The Slow Death of a Blog

Clearly, Intellectual Poison is teetering on the brink of non-existence after many years of being a platform to post rants, raves and reviews.

Most of my online posting goes to G+ these days, some goes to Imgur, some goes to Twitter and that means, by the time I get here, there's just not much left except resharing stuff I've already posted.

And that's not a bad thing really, I share some damned awesome stuff.

Here's a sampling of today's posts:
What happens when the President sits down next to you at a cafe
Wall furniture for cats
and this sweet pano of my favorite spot to contemplate the universe from,

and this top score I got on GeoGuessr in response to a challenge from a buddy and I freely admitted that I cheated!

And then there are some Twitter posts:
Well, let's just say there are some Twitter posts that will remain private for now. I'm not in a position or place to expose those posts.

Oh, and I took this earlier this week too. It has been exceptionally lovely and a great way to start my work day by getting my coffee and chilling out at the overlook point above Seacliff beach for a little bit before rolling in to the office.

Plenty more stuff going on in my life but I'm not in a place or position to put it down here. At least not yet. Maybe it'll post up here eventually.
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