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Damn, Nature, You're STUNNING!

Seacliff in Aptos, California 10/22/14 Composite HDR
Presented, more or less, without comment.


Sunsets and Foggy Mornings in Santa Cruz

Is it any wonder that this town has so deeply set its hooks into my soul? The two images below are proof of the sheer epic beauty of Santa Cruz and I would put this town's scenery up against any in the world. The two shots are of Its Beach on West Cliff just north of the world famous Steamer Lane surf spot.
Its is especially nice because dogs are welcome to run free and have fun frolicking. There are people and dogs galore in both. 

The pano above is above Seacliff State Beach in Aptos before 8 am from earlier this week when the fog was thick everywhere on the coast except right here. And it was beautiful!