New Word Wednesday

Time to bust out some new words that I've been sitting on. Almost all of these are my own but the last, spotaneously, was an accident by a pal on Skyrates.

Hatino - a hateful latino

Pastellar - really, really nice pastel colors

Staplier - supplier of staples

Seethan - an angry (or seething) heathen

Pitio - an outdoor space for pity

Beautility - the beauty of something that's really useful.

Blockularity - taking great pleasure in cock blocking someone results in blockularity

Schlockularity - taking pleasure in the purchase of plastic crap is schlockularity

Purade - a parade of only the pure (think white supremacist mentality)

Spotaneously - spontaneously on a spot.

And that's a wrap for this go-round. As always, these words will be cross posted to my Fictonarium for long term storage.
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