What a Night, Oh Man!, What a Night!

As if the Giants working hard to win game six of the NLCS to advance to the World Series against the Rangers wasn't enough (believe me, it was!) there was also one of the most amazingly stacked fight cards in the history of the UFC on last night as well.

I had the Giants game on the big screen tv in all its HD glory and rode the Giants Torture Roller Coaster all the way through until Juan Uribe put the Giants on top in the 8th with a solo home run. It was torture but it was the sort of delicious torture that you just know is going to end up the way you want it to, with a victory.

It was made all the better because it made the "analysts" look like stupid Phillie phan boys. At literally every turn every talking head on Fox called for the Phillies to win. Even down 3-1. Nobody gave the Giants a chance, except the Giants and their fans.

And so I say to Eric Karros "Suck failure, Dodger SCUM!"

Oh and I'll note here that Joe Buck and Tim McCarver are easily the worst baseball commentators working in the game. Joe Buck's admitted he's not really a baseball fan and McCarver appears to have fallen in a vat of idiot juice or something. His "insights" are about as insightful as traffic signs.

Anyway, it was a fantastic victory for a team that just finds a way to win. They are a great bunch of guys and they earned this! I cannot wait for the World Series to start next week, Lincecum against Lee in Game One? Oh hell yeah!

And onto the other sports spectacle of the evening, UFC 121. Wow! Aside from Jake Shields' BS split decision win over Martin Kampmann, this was a night full of outstanding fights. From Diego Sanchez's Nightmare phoenix like rise from the weight class pogoing ashes to Cain Velasquez's absolute and utter destruction of Brock Lesnar. It was epic, it was an instant classic and I feel privileged to have enjoyed watching it. Seriously, Joe Silva (the UFC's matchmaking master!) is going to have a really hard time topping this card.

What Cain did last night to Brock, I didn't think could be done. Cain was a good forty pounds lighter than Brock but it mattered not in the least. Cain is one scary ass mofo and I am looking forward to watching him defend his title. I'm also looking forward to seeing what Brock does next (how's about a Carwin/Lesnar rematch? Oh yeah!).

Add in that I got to see Tito Ortiz talk his big talk and then fail (again) to back it up in the Octagon against Matt Hamill (who I think took it easier on his friend then he would have if he wasn't a close friend of Tito's). The sport of mixed martial arts has left Tito far, far behind. His skillset is the same it was ten years ago only he's older, slower and less powerful. He's got nothing on the current crop of fighters and I'm pretty much uninterested in seeing him fight anymore aside from enjoying watching him get beat up (yeah, I know that kind of makes me a jerk, I'm okay with that).

One of my other favorite fighters was on the card and had a steep task ahead of him but he won as well. Filthy Tom Lawlor was fighting Patrick Cote, a very, very dangerous striker who's most memorable moment in the Octagon was his bizarre fight against Anderson Silva in which he backpedaled enough to blow out his knee. Filthy executed his game plan perfectly and even looked as pretty as always later on in the evening when he was partying with Ryan "Darth" Bader.

Also seeing Brendan Schaub showcase his skills for a full 15 minutes was impressive (he'd previously never been out of the first round) in his dominant win over Gabriel Gonzaga (another fighter I like alot too).

I did so-so on my picks last night. A mediocre 6-11 but I did better in my extended calls at the UFC Fantasy Game pulling a 102 out of 11,000+ players. Not quite as well as last time but still pretty solid.

And today is all rainy and icky and cold and crappy so I'm going to get a chance to wallow in more sports immersion with football all day long! After I've gotten to the gym and gotten my own workout and swim in, of course!
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