Would Not Fly Now

This would absolutely not fly now. He'd pull this thing out of his gun shaped camera bag, put it to his shoulder and the cops would be there within minutes. Probably isn't helped that he looks like he could possibly possess Muslim sentiments (apparently that's not a good thing for some Americans these days).

The sad thing is that I bet it was a really comfortable and good way to get a good photograph. It would be very interesting to see a retake of this concept with today's digital technology. But I'd be too worried about some over-zealous person shooting me for using it.

Discovered at Modern Mechanix.

Side note, I also came across this rather spectacular example of skinning an iPhone 4. In this case, the artist modified an image of a Leica M9 Rangefinder camera to fit perfectly and integrate the camera and LED flash. Truly an outstanding end result.

I am working on recreating this design myself.
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