How to Remove the Speck iPhone 4 Fitted Case

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I got my Apple giveaway fix for the antenna problem with my iPhone 4 today. Instead of the plain bumper option, I chose a full cover with the credit Apple gave me. My purty little 4 is now safely enclosed within a Speck Dark Tartan case with a Zagg Invisibleshield on the front glass. In just a couple of moves, my phone is now pretty darned secure.

The only mistake I made in the process was trying out the Speck case before fitting the Invisibleshield on. And it wasn't really a mistake once I figured out how to open the Speck iPhone 4 case. It took some doing and I even Googled how to do it without any luck which is why I'm posting this quick post about how to do it.

No pictures for now, maybe I'll snap some later.

1. Put the iPhone down turned so the volume buttons and mute slider are away from you.
2. Slide your finger under the edge of the Speck case closest to you.
3. Slide a second finger and then move both fingers to the right corner.
4. The corner should pop apart but you may have to hold it with a finger from your other hand.
5. Move to the next closest corner (the one above the mute slider) and pop it away from the iPhone.
6. Continue down that side until the case comes completely off.

There now, wasn't that alot easier than getting really pissed off at the stupid thing? Like I did for a little while until I got it figured out.

Update: Having put the case on and taken it off a whole bunch of times now. There's an even easier way.
Put two fingernails under the top edge of the case away from the volume controls. Slide to the far corner and use your finger to hold the case open. Slide your other finger to the other corner and the case will pop open. From there its just a matter of continuing the slide your finger around the edge to pop the rest of it off.
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