Things I'm Thinking About

As usual, I've got a lot of things on my plate right now and it is all too easy to forget about something for a day or two (or more). I live and die by my tasklists and my ability to add to those lists from anywhere. I've recently figured out how to add tasks via Quicksilver which speeds up the process but still needs a few tweaks to the flow to make it as smooth as can be.

Anyway, here are some of the things that I'm thinking about these days.

Riding my bicycle on the road - I've been pretty clear about why I like to ride a motorcycle on the road and my bicycle off the road. This image, from a horrible incident in 2008 in Mexico, is a strong reminder of why I really prefer to stay off the road as much as possible. In this accident, the driver was drunk and fell asleep at the wheel before plowing into a group of cyclists in the first fifteen minutes of a race. He killed one and sent 10 others to the hospital. Riding on the road scares the crap out of me and I do it as little as possible. Besides, I prefer fresh air rather than exhaust fumes. I do ride my bike to work every so often but most of it is on a path along the slough. I'd ride more often but sometimes have to go quite far in the course of my work day and pedaling there just isn't feasible. Plus, I generally carry a pretty heavy backpack and that makes cycling quite alot less enjoyable.

Lindsay Lohan going to jail for 90 days - I think this is a good thing for her. Hopefully she'll recognize that her life is and has been spiralling out of her control for years now and nobody is going to right her universe except her. Plus, there's a chance of some hawt prison kink so there's that. Oh, and I read that she wrote curse words for the judge on her fingernails. Methinks she's got the mental capacity of a fourteen year old girl. Shame she's also got the face of a forty year old hard partying ex-hottie.

JaMarcus Russell gets popped for ghetto drink - This guy was supposed to be the saviour of the Raiders? He's a worthless tub of lard who cashed in his potential and is now going to spend the rest of his life getting fatter and dumber.

Double standards are bullshit - Without going into too much detail, if you hold yourself to a different standard (usually a lower one) than what you hold others too then you are a hypocrite and need to be smacked upside the head. Your shit still stinks even if your nose is so high up in the air that you can't smell it.

The Shane Carwin vs Brock Lesnar championship fight at UFC 116 - Among the most dominant first rounds in the history of MMA by Carwin followed by a lactic acidosis episode that basically shut off his body heading into the second where Lesnar submitted him. Carwin punched Lesnar in the head 60 times in the first five minutes. How that fight didn't get stopped by massive beatdown TKO is beyond me. But Shane Carwin's shown nothing but class in accepting his first defeat. The man is a stud and a champion. Besides, if Carwin had won then I'd have cracked the top 100 in the UFC Fantasy Game, as it is, I ended up at 107 out of 15k+.

Training - I'm starting to really ramp up my workouts as I enter the last four weeks or so of training before my next triathlon. To that end, I dragged my tired body out of bed earlier than usual this morning and got in a reasonably decent ride before work. It felt good to be out there pumping and working. Just like it felt good to be swimming last night (though I do need to remember to bring my clear lens goggles for twilight swims).

World Cup - a big fat meh. Soccer's boring, the vuvuzela's are annoying, combine the two and I'd rather watch friggin' Pro Bowling. Sorry, universe, your sport is lame.

iPhone 4 - I've had my new phone for a couple of weeks now. I've not experienced the cell signal issues that others have and have only dropped one call whereas my old 2G would drop a call a day easily. Best new feature of the new phone? The excellent camera. It is fast, takes a tack sharp image and you can switch between photo and HD video mode almost instantly. I should do a post specifically on what I'm doing with my iPhone 4. It really is an amazing little device, far, far more than just a phone (though it is quite good at being just a phone too).

BP - How much longer is this oil going to spill unchecked into the gulf? To hell with preserving the well, shut off the frigging oil leak and then redrill somewhere nearby. I think BP, as it currently exists, will not exist as such within the year. The PR damage they've brought upon themselves with idiot comments from the CEO, spin in the news and the reality of the damage they've caused should cause the company to crater.

Twilight - Schlocky crap teen romance with ugly whiny actors. Bleh.

Gillian Michaels - I wonder if she has to register her nose as a weapon when she goes through security at the airport? It looks sharp enough to cause damage. I like what she does but her severity isn't a good thing.

Lebron James - Do not care who buys you or where you play. Basketball is a lame sport too.

Lady Gaga - Yawn.

Justin Bieber - Too much drama, too much pontificating about shit he knows nothing about and that awful, awful hair. Here's hoping someone teaches him how to jack off and we won't see him for a few months.
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