Outrageous News

School spies on kids via webcam and spyware in their own homes. Which raises a pretty serious question: What if they captured video of a child undressing? Wouldn't that immediately make them child pornographers? This is beyond stupid and enters the realm of Epic 'Tardedness.

Oh, and it gets worse. The explanation from the school was that the webcam software was for theft recovery purposes only. However, the program was uncovered when a student was disciplined for conduct observed via the spyware webcam. And what was the student disciplined for doing? Eating Mike & Ike candies. The school official thought the Mike & Ikes were pills. But, if the purported only use of the webcam software was for theft recovery and the student in question obviously hadn't stolen his own computer then the school district is blowing bullshit smoke.

You can't cover up a stupid lie with another stupid lie especially when the pre-existing facts completely obliterate your stupid lie.

Someone is going to go down for this. And they damned well should. If I had a teenage kid who might have been spied on by the school, I'd be speaking to my lawyer and planning to sue that district into oblivion.
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