New Word Blowout!

That's right folks, its a New Word Blowout, we are moving these new words and you can get a great deal on one of these shiny new beauties. All of these news words will be posted here and then posted over the IP Fictionarium individually if you care to rate them (which would be great as I crave feedback and validation of just how clever I am). So they are in no particular order.

Indensity - dense intensity. People who are deeply passionate about something they don't know enough about to form a complete opinion. The people who hold poorly spelled protest signs, anti-gay rights activists, Glenn Beck, these are the poster children for indensity.

It is a very difficult condition to overcome with logic and reasoning because the positions are so entrenched as to be underground where they can't or won't hear you.

Dividences - divided by differences.

Techxorcism - tech exorcism, driving the poltergeists and demons out of a computer or a network through a combination of voodoo and reinstallations. It is unlikely that I'm the first to come up with this mash-up new word but I'm pretending that I am.

Troubleshat - troubleshooting stupid shit.

Maneuvure - take maneuver and mash it into manure and you get maneuvure which means a shitty move, nasty thing to do, like sleeping with your best friend's ex or eating someone else's lunch in the company break room.

Horrifuck - sex with a horrible person or someone that makes you feel horrible.

Uncome - the opposite of income.

Twetiquette - twitter etiquette.

Hardor - ardor, or intense feelings of love, made more difficult to sustain, i.e. harder ardor.

Pission - pissed on passion. The "Not tonight, dear, I have a headache" syndrome.

Forture - fortunate torture. The only example of this I can think of is how the use of torture during the Bush Administration was used as a major recruiting tool for the terrorists.

Stathroom - staff bathroom.
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