The Monday Morning Rundown

Perhaps rundown is a bad word to start Monday with. Its the start of the week, another week full of promise, opportunity and chance. What happens this week is, to some degree, within my power to control. I could slack off completely and not do my chores. I could get to bed earlier, get more quality sleep and be even better equipped to complete the myriad tasks I have before at the start of each day. I could set any number of goals for myself and work like a rabid dog to cross them off.

There are a thousand different threads going right now. So many different tasks and chores and errands and things to do that it is a chore in and of itself to keep a list of everything that has to get done. And some things just keep sliding off the table only to come back for more inattention later. I've been trying to apply the Getting Things Done credo to my days but find that too many tasks are more than 5 minute jobs and get added to lists.

I could slam out a quick list of things I need to do but I'm sure your list of things to do is as long, as complicated (well maybe not quite as complicated since I work for three different departments and support close to a thousand people now) and as overwhelming. But there are other tasks on top of these that are just as if not more important.

The hardest thing for me is to stay on a task, ride it through to completion and then cross it off the list. My ADHD medication is helping me tremendously but the very nature of my job and life is distraction after distraction impacting my process. It is very hard to keep putting down one thing to pick up another and then be able to return to the first thing and know whereabouts I'd stopped in the process.

I'm not sure if all of this is making too much sense but, if it is not, then maybe it gives you a tiny glimpse inside my mind and how disjointed it is in there.

Some of the things that I am looking forward to:
- Cyclelicio.us has asked me to ride and review a demo bike.
- Signing up several people as Kyani customers.
- Completing and crossing off the two wedding projects from the summer.

And I'm not even going to touch the tasks I have to do that I'm not really looking forward to. But suffice it to say (or write as the case currently is) that the lists are long and even then are the tip of the iceberg.

So now I should get back to work. I've been writing this while finally finishing up some serious problems with one of my teacher's PCs. It is, at this moment, about 98% done. Which is awesome since it was about 50% done when I came in to work today. Woot progress!
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