Gratitude is the Attitude Days 17, 18 and 19

We are approaching the finish line on this 21 day meme of gratitude. Overall I think its been an interesting exercise in looking at the bright side of life rather than dwelling on the bad.

Day 17 - Saturday was a good day to not be working, to spend some good time with my kids, sell something on Craigslist we've been trying to sell for a few weeks and decompress from the stress of the week. I also got a shit-ton of laundry done (by the way, I'm also grateful for the term shit-ton because it is super fun to say).

Day 18 - On Sunday I was thankful to not have access to a way to watch the Forty-Niners get drubbed by the Atlanta Falcons. We turned off our cable service last week and were still waiting for our DTV converter box so no tv. It was a painful ass-kicking, for sure. I have also been grateful to have easily avoided seeing the Dodgers or Yankees sweep through to their division championships. I hope the World Series doesn't come to a Dodgers and Yankees wank fest since I pretty much loathe both teams.

Day 19 - Yesterday I was grateful for bedtime, specifically I was grateful when it was time for Grady and Sully to go to bed. Don't get me wrong, I love those little boys like nothing else on the planet but last night they were being especially persistent, repetitive, difficult and whiny. It made for a long night of repeated questions, tantrums and other joys of parenting. Bedtime was peaceful time.
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