Gratitude is the Attitude Days 14, 15 and 16

I rather prefer this couple of days at a time method of posting the reasons I'm thankful and grateful. It is less cluttery and lord knows my life can use some less cluttery.

Anyway, on to the meme at hand.

Day 14 Reason I am Grateful - I am thankful for cool, smart and creative toys. Lately my two little boys have been making fantastic creations out of the Magnetix (now called Magnext) line of toys. I'm a big fan of creative toys rather than action figures or other branded toys because they encourage the expansion of one's mind rather than the implanting of brands and marketing schemes.

Day 15 Reason I am Grateful - I'm grateful for starting on the road to a more focused me through medication of ADD which I've had my whole life and only just recently gotten diagnosed and treated, thanks to my brother. The change has been marked and I've really liked how much more I've been able to get done without being so majorly distractable.

Day 16 Reason I am Grateful - I'm grateful for awesome office managers at my schools. One in particular is a really great lady who I've enjoyed getting to know, has two wonderful kids and a jerk for an ex-husband who's a fool because she's beautiful, smart, funny and awesome. That she gives me free leftover lunches regularly has little to do with how much I like her, well, yeah it helps!
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