UFC 91 Wrap

Well, the good news is that it was a good night of fights. Gonzaga was fun to watch, Florian was fun to watch and, yes, Couture/Lesnar was fun to watch even if the outcome wasn't quite what I'd hoped for.

Thanks to Manuel, his wife and his sweet and funny little boy for having me over.

The Quarry/Maia was over very quickly and Maia pretty well dominated because the fight went to the ground, he got a very solid body lock figure four and could take his time alternating between punches and working the rear naked choke in.

Gonzaga/Hendricks fight wasn't really much of a question. Gonzaga overpowered him from the start and ended it with his fists though he could have chosen to submit him too.

The Florian/Stevenson fight was quite a bit faster than I expected and Stevenson was much more aggressive than I expected. But he underestimated Florian's ground game (perhaps the result of his recent promotion to a black belt in Brazilian Jui Jitsu). I wonder whether Kenny finishing him via rear naked choke (they had an outstanding close up in the replay!) was by opportunity or choice since the rear naked is usually Stevenson's go to move.

The Hazelett/McCrory fight had one of the most painful to watch submissions I've seen in a while. And they replayed it many times. How Tamdan McCrory's arm didn't snap or tear some tendons is beyond me. Plus, Dustin Hazelett's beard thing looked really stupid. But he's a good fighter.

Alrighty then, now to the main event. Couture vs Lesnar was everything it was hyped to be. Lesnar and his meathook hands came out throwing, Couture stayed composed and stuck to his plan. I would give Lesnar the first round by a little bit. In the second round, Couture cut Lesnar over his eye and it was obviously annoying him when he landed a glancing blow behind Couture's left ear that dropped him. He pounced and pounded and the fight got called. Maybe a little too soon but maybe not. Lesnar's the real deal. He showed a lot of class in victory which he hasn't shown to this point. It made the win easier to stomach and will make the heavyweight division a rather interesting one for sure.

It was a very good night of fights and I enjoyed the heck out of it. I went 3 for 5 on my fight predictions so I can't complain too much.
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