Giving Thanks

It is easy to get stuck on kvetch and complain all the time about what is wrong in the world, in your (or my) life and just how generally sucky existence can be.

But the reality of our world is that we are very lucky to be where we are.

These are some of the things that I am thankful for today.
The first is that my brother and his family weren't in Mumbai yesterday when the gunmen stormed the Taj Mahal Hotel and the Oberoi and are still causing trouble today. There were some very tense hours and I found out how amazingly powerful Twitter can be in times of need to know. The #mumbai tag was a lifeline to better, faster and live information, truly amazing.

I am also thankful for the health and well being of my family. My boys are healthy, inquisitive and curious children. My wife is healthy, getting healthier in treating a low thyroid issue. I am well but in more regular need of some pedaling therapy for both physical and mental health. Our animals are also good, for now. The cat has had an expensive and painful year with an infected sixth toe on one of her paws but Nande has been a rock, healthy as a horse and nearly as large.

I'm thankful for my job and its perks, relative stability and flexibility. Some of those perks are from helping people who need help, supporting the educational system and having access to some pretty good health coverage. Its relatively stable because of the union aspect but we're facing another round of budget cuts and who knows what will happen. I am no longer the bottom rung on the totem pole though so that's slightly reassuring. And the flexibility means I don't have a manager breathing down my neck all the time, I'm at multiple sites every week, outside a good portion of the time and can even have my son with me for a little bit if necessary (as it was earlier this week). Jobs are hard to come by these days and most involve toiling for jerks. I count myself lucky that I have my job and that I, generally, work with really good people.

I am also thankful for my extended family. Without their aid, we would be far behind on our mortgage payments, even deeper in the hole and without any chance of rescue. They have thrown us a lifeline and we are working hard to make the most of the opportunity.

I am thankful for this blog and my others, they are a form of therapy, they provide an outlet to share outrage, humor and whatever else drifts through my consciousness. I am thankful for the friends I've made online both through this blog and through the other activities I engage in online. It is no surprise that I'm a very wired person, I try to stay on top of numerous sites and communities while keeping all the other balls in my life in the air.

And, lastly, I am thankful for the sea change in America with the election of Barack Obama as our next president. He impressed me from the get go and continues to impress me each and every day. His words fill me with hope and a desire to help bring about the change we so desperately need.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. May your day be full of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy and pie, oh yeah, lots of delicious pie.
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