The Worst Kind of Fan

There's been a little debate on the local sports radio lately about the baseball playoffs. One of the hosts believes that, because the Giants are long bounced from the playoffs, that its okay to root for the National League West representative team, the LA Dodgers.

But here's the thing, the Dodgers are the Giants long-time, long-standing rivals. The rivalry started in New York and came west and is as strong as ever.

You can't root for the Dodgers and then turn around and call yourself a Giants fan. It just doesn't work that way.

The only reason I'd want the Dodgers to get the World Series would be to suffer four straight crushing annihilations by the Red Sox or Devil Rays. And the cherry on top would be a fast ball in Manny's ribs for the bottom feeder style way he cheesed his way out of Boston and into LA.

To recap, if you're a Giants fan then you do not root for the Dodgers. Period. If you are saying "But, but, but" then you are not a Giants fan, period. You might get away with a little rooting for the Diamondbacks but that's because they aren't the fucking Dodgers!

The only baseball team I dislike more than the Dodgers is the goddamned didn't-even-mae-the-playoffs New York Yankees. As long as the Yankees keep flailing and failing, I'll keep smiling.
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