RIP Elite XC

Report: Pro Elite and Elite XC ’shutting its doors effective immediately' which has to be part of the fallout from promoting Kimbo Slice as the second coming of Ninja Christ.

They would have fared better if they'd focused on Gina Carano and the other excellent female fighters they had in their stable. But instead they opted to promote and hype and talk up a YouTube star without the skills to back it up.

Not to say that they don't have other good male fighters but they seemed to have a special niche with female fighters. Shame Gina has such a hard time making weight though as that will hold her back.

Anyway, an MMA start up is going to bleed money for years before it starts to even see a profit margin on the horizon and right now isn't the right time for a long tail possibility given the economic climate.

I hope the UFC signs some of these now unaffiliated fighters because there are some solid martial artists in there.

The lesson here is don't hitch your company to a false martial arts superstar. Kimbo isn't anywhere near a top flight fighter, he's a freakshow from Teh Intarnets who fought unskilled rubes in backyard ass whoopings. If he had even moderate mma skills then UFC-cast-off Petruzelli wouldn't have been able to kick his ass so easily.

And don't even get my started on Goldenboy getting involved in mma, Goldenboy is a boxing promotion by Oscar de la Hoya and has about as much to do with mma as dodgeball has with football.
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