Resolved and Quickly At That

My tweets today have been mostly centered on my stupidity at resetting my password to upload blog posts and content here. Yes, I did it all on my own and have no one to blame except my hosting provider's limp support system.

Granted, once I got in touch with support, they hammered out the solution pretty quickly and that's a plus.

However, the linked support pages from within my signed in account pages were garbage. And that's pretty ridiculous when they can't keep URLs up to date. The lack of alternate means of contact is more annoying than ridiculous since I wouldn't want to be contacting them unless I had a problem and that means I'm already annoyed.

But still, once the process got kicked into gear, it went quickly and I now I can both access my blog again, I can also even start updating IP Politik, my politics side blog, to start using again to help keep the political nonsense off the main blog to some degree or another.

I guess I'm just having one of those "Meh" days where you'd just as soon be doing anything else than what you are doing. I'd rather be sleeping or riding my bike and I know I won't get to do either for at least a few more hours and it won't be riding.

I think one of the problems is that I have too many accounts, too many logins and passwords to keep straight and not enough time to get things into an organized place enough to get on top of it all. Plus I've got projects languishing on back burners all over the place. Projects that I don't want to languish anymore, I want them boiling and throwing off hot nuggets of revenue!

Anyway, I'm back at speed again, will start posting political posts to IP Politik (with a short link here, I'm sure) and am also looking to migrate WIPE (Wal-Mart is Pure Evil) to its own custom domain to stop the cross-pollinated RSS feed. There is always, always work to be done.
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