Recent iPhone Apps Update

Like everyone else that has an iPhone, I spend an inordinate amount of time fondling my little glowing marvel.

And downloading apps from the App Store. Many are pretty useless but some are noteworthy. Here's a quick rundown. Links will be added once I can verify that the link to app html code actually works (can't check it from behind the firewall).

iSlots - just got it, played for five minutes, will delete shortly, repetitive and boring though pretty nice looking interface.
MotoChaser - bought (yes, bought) a couple of weeks ago, has become my go-to demo game of how awesome the iPhone is, good fun but hard to control.
Motion X Poker - also a bought, excellent dice game making good use of the accelerometer. Geeky enough to allow dice collecting.
Remote - I don't use it enough but should because it is so flipping cool. Need to do it with the projector in the computer lab.
Twitterfon and Twitterific - two twitter clients because one is faster but one has a camera function that is really handy.
Pandora - instant internet radio, got a connection? you've got a radio station, really nice.
Audi A4 Driving Challenge - awful game, terrible controls, bad idea and deleted almost instantly.
Sportacular - very nice and easy way to stay on top of the major sports. Definitely a keeper.
Light - a basic flashlight that works extremely well and has some additional color settings that are of zero use to me (unless you count utility as being able to induce an epileptic seizure).
Bubbles - simple, cute and will distract/occupy my kids for a couple of minutes when necessary.
PangeaVR - my back up demo app of how cool the iPhone is. Being able to look around at a panorama of a room is really very, very cool.
Earthscape - simply too cool to not show off. The top down view is useful but its the horizon view that is really neat.
iWant - a graphics based location app to find you gas, food, clothes, drug stores and more. Very cool and would be indispensable if I were a road warrior salesbot. It could use a Wifi hot spot button too though.

That's a decent start but isn't comprehensive. Got an iPhone? What are you loving and hating on it these days?
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