Because I Feel Like Kvetching

I think I'm going to just complain for a little while. Maybe it'll make me feel better and maybe it won't. Either way, there will be words coming after these words, maybe a helpful graphic or two and even one of them hyperlinks (is an internal link called a hypolink?).

Things that annoy me:
Being asked the same thing five times in a row by kids who aren't paying any attention to the kid who just asked the exact same thing two seconds ago.

Support techs who don't support and ignore pointed emails.

Not having more coffee in my travel mug.

Not having an extra five hours of sleep this morning.

When the Skyrates server decides to not function in the narrow window of time I have between waking up and having to leave for work.

Needing to pee but being too lazy to walk all the way to the staff bathroom.

Finding out that a hard drive has died and my day will involve the sheer delight of taking apart and fixing an Apple eMac (one of the most annoying computers EVER to take apart and get at the stupid hard drive).

Wearing shorts to work in the expectation that it will be hot later today and freezing until it actually gets warm.

There are more, plenty more, things that are grinding my gears but I need to go get my tools out of the car and start dismantling. Oh well, at least I can play music while I work. Here comes a little Central Services - I Work For the Government Now to get the groove going the right way.
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