Back in Familiar Territory

There's something comforting about starting back up to work again in the same place that I ended the school year. My workstation is set up the same, mostly. My bookmarks are all there though several are no longer going to be used (My Yahoo replaced by my iGoogle, Bloglines replaced by Google Reader and my department's Wiki replaced by Sharepoint) and the room has been slightly rearranged for cleaning.

Oh yeah, and the 32 Emacs in the lab have been on for at least the last three days and possibly more like the last three weeks. As a result, the lab was around 100 degrees when I first got in, kind of like stepping into a hot kitchen only without the food or ovens.

Right now I've got the windows wide open, the door open and a fan sucking in cool air to bring the room to a more reasonable level. There's still around a 20 degree difference between inside and outside but at least I can breathe again.

Students don't come back until the middle of next week which is good as there is alot to do here and at my other sites to prepare. Plus I need to get a signature from the principal at my new school to (almost) complete my work calendar. I say almost because I've got a 50% school, a 25% school and the new one is a 20% school which leaves me with 5% unaccounted for. Which works out to every other Tuesday afternoon having nowhere to go.
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