Two Drizzly Days and a Bunch of Junk Sold or Given Away

That about sums up the yard sale weekend. Although I should add that we've hung out with our neighbors, played with the dogs, played with the various kids, cleaned up, cleared out, sent a load to the dump and made a decent chunk of money in the process.

Plus, we've gotten some new toys to replace the old toys, found new life in old toys that we thought we were done with but we are definitely not done with them yet thankyouverymuch, and found new ways to use other things as toys (the straight tube on our vacuum cleaner works quite well as a rifle).

It has been a pretty good time overall and the upside is that we'll reclaim a good amount, though not enough, of space in our garage.

The weather could have been better but there's no helping that really.

I also have a cool write up with pics over NorCal Bikers which will, eventually, also have video as well. I am finding iMovie '08 to be substantially kludgier to use than iMovie '06 and much less intuitive.
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