So Meta My Head Asploded

I've been fooling around with the iPhone 2.0 upgraded software since I installed it late yesterday. So far the most fun I've had is playing with a free app called Remote that lets me control my iTunes with my iPhone.

I can instantly see a couple of uses for this. With some external speakers, you've got a total solution for music at a party. With some remote speakers, you could play whatever music you wanted into the kid's room while they slept.

But I'm going to try something different to see if it'll work or if I'll just tear a hole in the universe. I'm going to connect my Bluetooth headphones to my laptop and see if I can listen to iTunes on the computer but controlled through my iPhone which doesn't support stereo Bluetooth usage for some ridiculous reason (unless this has been fixed in the 2.0 release but I haven't heard of it yet).

I just got finished trying this setup out and it did work perfectly. Kind of nice if you want music and aren't going to be much further than 20 feet from the laptop.

One app that I wish worked better because it strikes me as a goofy and grin producing little thing is called World 9. It is supposed to tap into the accelerometer and produce sound effects based on the movements. Which are supposed to be played through headphones but who knows, might be fun to amplify them.

Yeah, definitely liking being able to control iTunes in the living room now with my laptop hooked up to the speakers in the kitchen (yeah, I do keep a set of speakers in my kitchen for iPods and laptops, don't you?).
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