Jerky People

You know what pisses me off? People who are jerks for no reason. Like the asshole who shot a father and two of his sons to death this week in San Francisco. Why? The guy was actually being polite and letting you merge into traffic so you shoot him and two of his kids to death? I hope you get caught and thrown in prison for good.

But it doesn't have to be anywhere near as extreme as triple homicide.

It can just be someone opting to not help you out. It can be a co-worker using a bureaucratic loophole to not be helpful. Like the guy at one of my schools who refused to let me into the office so I could get started working because I didn't have a pass which had to be issued by the workers in the office who weren't there or I wouldn't need to be let in.

Instead of just letting me in and moving on with his life, he got to exercise whatever shred of power he had and deny me entrance. Because he's a lazy jerkoff who does the absolute minimum amount of work possible to get his paycheck. This I know because I've discussed him in the past with some of the teachers. But, because of the academic bureaucracy, he is safe from getting fired without massive and annoying hoops to jump through. The school is diminished just that little bit more because it cannot slough off loser workers who couldn't care less about the school or how well they do their job. And his attitude discourages people who are on the fence about staying because I can't think of anyone who would like to work with a jerk.

I've worked for jerks before, I've worked with jerks before and I've managed jerks before. The reason most of them are jerks is because they think the world is out to get them. And it is, because they're jerks. They expect the world to break the cycle so they can stop being jerks but the world doesn't work that way and they are too hidebound by their attitude to approach their universe from any other perspective save the disgruntled one. They are caught in their own vicious cycle of jerkdom. Nobody likes being around a jerk, not even themselves.

If you're a jerk and you're reading this, stop. Stop being a jerk. Heck, make a concerted effort to stop being a jerk for a week or two weeks and see how much nicer the world is. You create your own reality and the reality you create is you being a jerk then quit complaining about it and change your reality to better suit your desires. Unless you like being a jerk and then maybe you should just go juggle cannonballs at the bottom of a lake.