Happy Try Not to Get Run Over Day!

I'm not an overly superstitious fellow and Friday the 13th holds no special voodoo over me. But that doesn't mean I'm going to let my normal guard down and let some jackhole in his huge truck who's not paying attention to where his vehicle is going because he's looking 90 degrees to port run me down.

And yes, that did just happen. No, he didn't even see me after I'd scooted out of his inattentive dumbass way. Not even when I said, "Nice driving, jerk."

Some people are born oblivious and they pass through their entire lives without the remotest hint of a clue.

Anyway, I did get to work safely. Now to try and NOT electrocute myself, slice my finger off or fall down a well.

You should do the same. Be safe out there, the world's full of oblivions (a theoretical race of people who look exactly like us but couldn't buy a clue at Clues'R'Us with a fistful of hunddies).