FireFox 3: Help Set a Record

The latest and greatest browser has been updated and released into the wilds. Today is Firefox 3 Download Day 2008 and the developers are trying to set a 24 hour downloading record.

Right now its been downloaded more than 3 million times worldwide. Do your part and download it today, you know you're going to do it eventually, why not do it today and take part in setting a new Guinness World Record?

My only concern is that my awesome steampunk theme, OldFactory Black, will not work in FF3, yet. I think I can live without it for a little while.

Head on over and get a copy before 11:16 am tomorrow morning pacific time and grab your little part of history in the making!

[Update: More than 8 million downloads in 24 hours! Well done, everyone. Including you 846 intrepid downloaders from Mongolia!]