Breaking News: Prince is a Grumpy Little Prick

Prince Sues Musicians For Making A Tribute Album For His Birthday

Prince used to be one of those musicians who appeared to understand the changing landscape of music. He embraced digital distribution, he allowed downloads of his songs, he gave away an album.

And then something changed, maybe he started hanging out with the douchebags from Metallica or Madonna. Maybe someone whispered in his ear about how much money he was losing because of piracy. Maybe he's always been a grumpy little prick.

Either way, he's going the extra mile to scorch and burn his fans. This latest ridiculousness is to sue a bunch of Norwegian musicians making a tribute album for him. Which is to say, Prince is a seriously grumped out little prick.

Stupid move, Prince. Embrace the revolution, don't try to swim upstream because you'll just drown.