Breaking News: Don Imus is an Unentertaining Douchebag

Don Imus, the shock jock who got thrown off the radio for his racist comments about some women basketball players six months ago, has made another round of shocking comments based on race. No surprise really. Its his bread and butter to ride the wave of indignation and outrage to more moneyland.

The thing of it is that Imus isn't very interesting to listen to on the radio and he looks like a cowboy's worn out saddlebag.

He stirs up these controversies because it helps build interest in his show and more listeners equals more money for Donny boy. Its blatant, its lame and its greed-based, not racist-based.

He's doing his schtick, his thing, his angle to insult and anger listeners so that they call up their pals and tell them to listen in and get outraged too. Howard Stern does this, or did before he went off onto satellite radio (which I doubt I'll ever subscribe to). Controversy = money. Too much controversy = no money since you can get thrown off the air.

I don't really care what Imus says, not when there are real hate mongers like Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Bill O'Reilly and the other GOP drool patrol prodders out there doing nothing but lowering the level of discourse into gutter sniping. If you listen to these idiots then don't be surprised when you're treated like an idiot for doing so. Hate isn't entertainment, at least it shouldn't be.