Sunshine, Yellow Jackets and Shredded Fingers

What a beautiful day we had here. Hot, sunny and just awesome all the way around. Nice enough that I put in some chore time out in the yard, did a little fence repair (just a temporary thing until I get some new fence boards to install), whack some weeds and other good fun stuff out in the yard.

The only bummer is that, on board #2 of the day, I skewered my index finger with a rather large screw. It basically tore off a nice chunk of skin, oozed blood for a while and didn't really hurt until quite a bit later. Now it kind of throbs while I type. It made doing the fence work a little less fun. And then small yellow jacket nest with active yellow jackets on it made it even less fun. Until my neighbor came out with some bug die spray and the yellow jackets went on to yellow jacket heaven.

I'd planned on spraying out the now drained and empty hot tub, its nasty what gets leftover in the bottom when the rest of the water is sucked out. But the hose had split from being left on too long. I traded the hose from outside the garage but never did get around to spraying out the tub. Instead I killed some weeds, turned over the compost pile (man did it get HOT in there today!) and prepped the dryer fire for a burn.

And we had a little backyard campfire bbq grill and s'more pit this evening. The pile of wood in the dryer fire burned bright and hot for a long time but eventually broke down and left a bright and hot circle of embers which were perfect for making s'mores. And make them we did. Except for Sully who just kept stuffing marshmallow after marshmallow into his mouth. Nobody got burned and Grady and I put the embers out a little while ago with the hose. He was quite pleased with the big plume of smoke and steam and the sizzle.

All in all a pretty good day except for my sore finger.