Making Time to Sweat

I've been making more time and more of an effort to get my workouts in when I can. This can mean a workout before 7 in the morning when the house is silent or it can mean a workout after 10:30 at night when the house is quiet again.

And I've been getting in after work rides with alot more regularity. If the boys are around then I'll usually take one of them with me now although Sully is tall enough to make riding with the Wee Ride a little more trouble than I'm happy with. I'll need to either put on a riser stem or figure something else out because riding with a helmet banging into my chest is less than joyous.

But the point is that I'm making time to get my workouts in and also getting time together with one or both of my boys. And let me tell you, pumping up the big final hill back to the house with an extra 100 pounds of kids and gear makes for a good little extra burn!