Captain Bringdown Makes Another Draft Post

One might think that there's nothing going on here on this blog. Or that there hasn't been since the burst of posting the other day when my hosting provider got their head up their ass and tossed my site.

But oh let me tell you how many posts I've started, stopped, erased, restarted, re-erased, deleted, pasted from the clipboard to recover them and then set them as draft nonetheless. It could fill novels with awful rants, invectives, explanations and half-dissected personal examinations.

Why? Because there are conversations that are better left unpublished, there are feelings that are best left unshared, there are things that are definitely best left unsaid. Because there are already plenty of things have been said that have done nothing but cause me more misery and grief.

I don't expect much of this to make sense, not much of it makes sense to me. But I've gotten myself to this place, I expect I'll get myself out, I'll just come out with alot more scars and even more cynicism.

I guess I'm just at the bottom of the roller coaster these days. But it does seem like I've been spending a rather inordinate amount of time in Suckland lately and I'm ready for a fucking change for the better.