Squirm, Rocket, Squirm

It was with delight that I got to listen in to Roger Clemens' speak to the congressional committee investigating illegal performance enhancing drug use in baseball on the way to work this morning. The squirm is palpable and absolutely hilarious.

And the thing is that there are two conclusions to this particular facet of the roid drama playing out. Either Brian McNamee is lying and will be going to prison for perjury or Roger Clemens is lying and will be going to prison for perjury. But McNamee's reason for disclosure is "truer" in that he has everything to lose by lying whereas Clemens has everything to lose by telling the truth. Motivations are very, very important and key to coming to some idea of who's reliable and who's trying to protect a, previous to this, Hall of Fame career. Hint, it ain't the trainer.

As each of the other pieces of the story come out, Andy Pettitte's corroboration, Andy Pettitte's wife's corroboration, the syringes and more, each piece goes further and further to cementing Roger Clemens as both a cheater and a liar.

And it sure is fun watching his big inflated ego bobble around like a balloon in a hurricane trying to stay up and keep from getting skewered. The only thing is that he's already skewered, just nobody has been able to get that bit of information to penetrate his cult-of-personality false reality.

I actually believe that Clemens has convinced himself of his innocence. He's so bought into his story that he no longer thinks its a story, he buys his own bull. The only trouble is that not a single person outside of Roger Clemens buys it. And the end result of all his bluster, attack dog lawyerations and interviews is that he'll have spent millions of dollars to convince no one. And I'm sure he'll still be protesting his innocence to his cellmate.