Memory Lane

One of the cooler aspects of my new job is that I come across alot of computers in my travels. Since most of my schools are Mac schools that means I come across old Apple gear. And it amazes me to find that some of it is still functional long, long beyond its intended lifespan.

In fact, right now, there is a special afterschool program in the library behind me making use of Lego Mindstorms, some serial interfaces and an assortment of older Mac gear including a Color Classic and a Powerbook 180c. Its amazing to think that these old machines were once the absolute state of the art.

And now we've got phones that are more powerful and capable.

The reason these machines are still in use? Serial connections and software that was never updated. But it all still works, it chugs right along and gets the job done. And that's part of the reason why I love Apple and Macs.