Going to Prison for Pride

Well it would appear that Roger Clemens is going to be investigated for lying to a grand jury, about the most avoidable crime going these days, and may end up in jail for his bloated pride and inability to admit that he's a drug using cheater.

There is very little doubt in my mind that Clemens has been juicing himself to stay competitive and dominant. The witnesses and testimony against him have been damning and directly contradict Clemens' own hard to believe tale and bizarre explanations.

I'm sure of my readers will be thinking about how this relates to my defenses of Barry Bonds in the past. And they'll have a reasonable point. I've long been a defender of Bonds as a fan and as a devil's advocate. But I honestly believe I'd have a different take if Greg Anderson, his trainer, had testified against him, if he'd had corroborating witnesses to contradict his stories and to catch him in lie and fallacy after mistruth.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all but positive Bonds cheated, just like the rest of the universe. But the body of evidence against Bonds and the body of evidence against Clemens are two very different animals but they excrete the same PED poop.

If either player plays another game in MLB then I will surprised. Though I'd bet Clemens is the more likely of the two to get a contract even though he is deeply tainted goods at this point.

I admit that I'm rather enjoying watching Roger squirm and try to convince the world that he's right and everyone else is wrong, the evidence is wrong, everyone else's memories are faulty and that he's never even so much as seen a performance enhancing drug much less had multiple injections to revive his flagging power as he aged.

Amy linked to a refutation of the statistically false Clemens Report by the guys who wrote Freakonomics and it pretty clearly and capably shreds the Clemens Report for the tripe that it is. The thing with stats is that it is really easy to see when someone is fudging data to serve their own foregone conclusions, in this case Clemens conclusion is that he never cheated so his defense team massaged and then beat the data until it served their purpose. The only thing is that it is really easy to blow selective data apart with a valid sample, as the Freako boys have done.

Clemens is a cheater, a liar and an underhanded head throwing scumbag. I hope he twists in the wind and then spends a chunk of time behind bars for his ego, pride and patently obvious lying.