Car Repair Joy

We've known that our Ford Escape needed some attention to the wheel bearings on the front end of the car. We'd been putting it off since there's almost no money to pay for the repair. But it had gotten so bad that we had no choice but to take it in. At the same time, the Jetta has been begging for some new tires for months now and the begging had become a scream.

So we bit the bullet and got both jobs done for around $500 only to find out that two more jobs have now cropped up. The first is the other wheel bearing on the right side of the car since it is just as likely beat up and failing as the one that had already ground itself out. So there's another $250 or so. And, more importantly and scarily, the master brake cylinder on the Escape had developed a slow seeping leak. Not very much but overtime it had drained almost the entire reservoir which would have been both very dangerous and potentially very expensive had it gotten down to sucking air. And that'll be another $250 or so.

But the upside is that our vehicles should be set for a little while. Unless my motorcycle decides it needs some loving which wouldn't surprise me as it hasn't gotten any attention in a few weeks now. The cold and the rain really take all the fun out of wheeling around on my speed machine. But with the weather turning so much nicer, I'm leaning towards riding it up to my gigs in Aptos. Its been interesting getting used to having to deal with morning commute traffic again.