Treading Water Beats Drowning

It is no secret that I've been trying to work my way through some depressed times of late, the reasons are many, the resolutions are few.

But there are things I can do to make myself a happier and better individual and I need to be concentrating on those things I can change rather than allowing myself to get frustrated about the things I cannot change.

Those things include regular exercise, decent sleep (which is only partially under my control), eating well, spending quality time with my family and spending fun time with my friends.

I am approaching the years when mid-life crises are not unheard of and I have felt a little bit of the crisis trying to encroach on my usually pretty sunny and positive disposition. But there is strength in recognizing the approaching ennui and being able to take steps to stave it off or deflect its full brunt.

So, until the lower part of the cycle passes, I'll tread water, try not to make too many waves and try to squeeze out some happiness here and there when I can.

At least my computer lab is in the mid to high 50's already this morning. Yesterday it was an icebox in here until the afternoon.