Tiger Taunting and Karmic Payback

Okay, let me preface this by saying, just because these three boys acted like assholes and had been drinking and smoking dope does not mean that I think they deserved to get mauled by a tiger.

But the fact that they were being assholes, taunting and being rude to a caged animal speaks volumes about the kind of people they are (or were in the Carlos Souza Jr.'s case). And what it says isn't especially complimentary, it shows they are pretty lame ass pricks who get off on being jerks to animals who they thought couldn't do anything to get back at them.

The tiger should not have been able to escape but the three boys should also have not been allowed into the zoo as they were drunk minors (except for the older brother who is almost certainly the source of the alcohol for the minors).

The funny/sad thing about this whole incident is that I feel the worst for the tiger. She had a shitty life to begin with, stuck in a tiny cage, stared at by monkeys all day long, taunted by some punks and generally just stuck in a crappy life.

The vast majority of respondents to the Chronicle's poll think the brothers are responsible for the attack with 84% of 1400 votes going that way. That's overwhelming. But it doesn't matter because those brothers are going to sue the zoo, the city, the police and everyone else and make a few million bucks. Because they taunted a tiger enough to piss it off and make it escape to get a little retribution.

I hope both brothers face charges for their misdeeds in this whole terrible affair. They didn't deserve to get mauled by a tiger but the tiger definitely didn't deserve to get taunted and crap thrown at it or killed for some payback.