What's In A Name?

Gillian Gibbons has been pardoned for the sin of allowing her class to select Muhammed as the class teddy bear's name.

There were calls for her execution for such an affront to Islam. For naming a teddy bear something blasphemous to Islamic religious beliefs.

To which I, as an atheist, have to say, how seriously warped are your priorities that you want to put a school teacher to death for something as innocuous as a misnamed toy? And yet you wish to be dealt with respectfully?

Sorry, that's not going to to happen. Allow me to introduce you to my troop of performing dingleberries, the Muhammeds. And the sculpture of Muhammed I made out of ear wax and boogers. And I need to go use the toilet and drop off a few Muhammed's at the pool.

What other creative ways can I insult your intolerance? I could draw up a cartoon but that's been done (to great effect, I might add). Maybe I could start using Muhammed when I mean to say penis? As in, spanking the muhammed, draining the main Muhammed, my Muhammed has a burning discharge and he got kicked right in the Muhammed.

Have I done enough to piss off all of Sudan and the rest of the Islamic peoples? Note, I've got no problem with peaceful and thoughtful Islamic believes, I have a major problem with the fools who call for the execution of a teacher for something as stupid as a name. Radical fundies in whatever religion should be publicly humiliated until they remove their heads from their asses and stop behaving like such tools.