Short Survivor Wrap

As with most Survivor finales, I wasn't overly excited about this one. The three finalists were an interesting mix but none of them, in my estimation, really deserved to win the game this time around.

Courtney, the ultra-skinny waitress moppet from New York had coasted through the game despite being physically overmatched at every turn.

Amanda had just gotten irritating with her sad puppy dog look. I figured she had the best chance at the win because her alliance partner, Todd, was a back stabbing liar.

Todd was a back stabbing liar who orchestrated votes and played a strategy game from Day One. Of the three, he was the most deserving but he's also the most weasely of the bunch and I found myself just not liking him at all. That and the hair was just annoying.

Overall, this season turned out alright but they never turn out the way I expect them to. I would have rather seen James or Frosti win the game because they were both great competitors and, seemingly, pretty decent people.

But its another season in the books, more all-stars to cull for future special shows, another crop of reality stars to seed through the rest of the reality landscape, more so during this, apparently, never ending writer's strike.

As an aside, I always hate how sharp the change is from when the votes are cast to when the votes are read. Two weeks passes and the castaways get their weight back, get cleaned up, shaved, their hair done and more and, sometimes, don't even resemble the characters they'd been just a moment (in tv time) before. Courtney in particular went from grungy jungle babe (albeit way to skinny) to a club kid.