Missions Accomplished!

We got some good stuff taken care of over the weekend and I'm feeling fairly proud of us.

We got a Christmas tree last night after only two stops which is a huge step up for us. Sully is pretty curious and Grady is pretty excited, Nande couldn't care less but the cat has found a new shelter.

We moved the composter from the shady coolness behind the bushes to the corner of the yard where it will get excellent sun to keep the composting action underway. And, in the move, we discovered three mice living in the compost, a sure sign that it isn't getting hot enough at all. I expect there will be no mice in the new location.

I broke down the little shed I'd put together to keep inquisitive little boys from playing in the composter.

Three or four bags of dog poop from the backyard are now gone.

We foam sealed a rather larger and cold hole under our sink that let really, really cold air from under the house infiltrate. But with the foam seal in place, the air is having alot harder time making its way in.

And Paula made three draft blockers for three of the doors downstairs, the garage, bathroom and front doors, to help retain heat. They went into service last night and the floor was noticeably a bit warmer this morning.

Oh, and I bought a big can of Lysol to liberally spray over every square inch of my computer lab at least once or twice a week so I can, hopefully, avoid getting sick again so soon.

Plus, unless anyone lost less points, I've won our football pool for the second week in a row, which is totally bitching! And I may have just taken the overall lead for the league which is even better!

And, on top of it all, I get my first district paycheck today too! Nothing like working a month and a half for the first check! But they should be a bit more regular from here on out (at least for the foreseeable future).