Making Cool Tech Even Better

Digital photo frames are a very cool innovation as they allow all kinds of different photos to be displayed in one place. But they have disadvantages, like having to load images onto a media card and putting it in the frame and then having to repeat that process whenever you wanted new pictures.

So, my idea is to web-enable a digital frame, be able to point it at a Flickr photostream and display new images as they are uploaded to the website. This way, I could give a frame to my mom that's preconfigured to download the latest pictures of her beautiful grandchildren.

The frame could also include a card slot to save favorite images for transfer to computers, printing or for a slideshow in the frame.

I'm sure someone is already working on this and it'll be pretty sweet when they're widely available.

[Update: Easy was kind enough to provide the confirmation that this product does, in fact, already exist. Made by The Original Digital Picture Frame Company Ceiva. It isn't quite exactly what I had in mind but it is a web-enabled digital picture frame, the only drawback I can see is that the updated pictures need to be subscribed to and cost $100 a year or so. I guess I'm looking for a non-subscription set up that I can point to any photo stream I'd like. But it is definitely a great start!]