A Little Good, A Little Bad

Some good news is that I finally won our local football pool this week. I've been near the top of the heap all season with a couple of notably awful weeks but this week I had the pool won before we got to Monday Night and the nail biter Pats win over the Ravens.

I also won three of four fantasy leagues this weekend, which is kind of nice as well but doesn't feel quite as good as cold hard cash, does it?

The bad news is that I stayed home sick from work yesterday to rest up and am feeling worse today. More stuffed up, more achy and just more sick. But I can't really stay home a couple of days in a row right now so I'm heading in to work. DayQuil will be my salvation or my sleep aid. If I'm feeling up to it then I'll probably leave a bit early but we'll see.

I'm sure the shower will be a calvacade of goo, horking and clearances. Oh boy!