Goals for the Upcoming Year

With 2007 breathing its last gasps and 2008 about to roll in to town I thought it was about time to lay some goals down. They are, in no particular order:

1. Financial stability - being out of work for 8 months takes a wicked toll on savings. I'd just as soon avoid anything even remotely resembling such a layoff.
2. Push inventions - I've got several good ideas that I'd like to get off my drawing board and into production.
3. Regular exercise - exercise makes the body work better and the brain is part of the body so keeping my body in shape will allow me to better deal with the stresses of raising two kids.
4. Better quality time with family - not having financial issues hanging over us should help with that.
5. Trips - I'd like to return to Spring Training in Arizona and take some camping trips this year. It has been too long since I've been back to Big Sur.
6. Create and develop additional revenue streams - I take a decent photo and would like to monetize those skills more to make my family less dependent on a single source of income. And there's a couple of websites that are in development as well.
7. Clean out the junk - my garage is all but unusable because of the accumulated junk in it. I want to clear it out, clean my office out and not have so much clutter all around.

Not bad goals if I do say so myself. I have a couple of other goals but they're a bit personal so I'll keep them to myself for now. But I will note them if and when I am able to complete them.