Bad Guys Resort To Torture, We Should Not

You know what is supposed to separate us from the evil bad guys that want to exterminate us? We're supposed to have the higher moral ground. We're supposed to be above resorting to the use of torture and illegal means of coercion.

But, according to this article, Ex-CIA Agent: Waterboarding OK'ed at Top. We do not have the higher moral ground, we are down in the muck and mire along with the enemy that uses any and all means to try and kill us.

While I understand and can appreciate the Eye for an Eye mentality, it does nothing for our reputation around the world and diminishes our capacity to differentiate ourselves from the very people we are trying to fight.

Torture isn't acceptable, it isn't permissible in certain circumstances, the rule of law isn't an opt-in and opt-out arrangement based on the situation and need. That our leaders have seen fit to decide to fundamentally deny the nature of our country and the principles it was founded upon tells me that we're being led by traitors. Traitors to our way of life and traitors to the ideals our country is based upon.

The United States of America should not ever be resorting to the use of torture. To do so diminishes our standing and capacity to lead by example. We are becoming the world's cautionary tale and are no longer possessed of the moral authority to police the world.

As for the leaders who authorized the torture of the top Al-Queda prisoner, they should be prosecuted for traitorous behaviour. Or they should just be dropped off, buck naked, in downtown Baghdad, that'd be fine too.