Wasted Life

Redskins' Taylor Dies Day After Shooting after having his home invaded by robbers, now murderers.

What a waste of a life, of someone with great talent and, apparently, a pretty decent human being.
"This is the worst imaginable tragedy," Redskins owner Daniel Snyder said. "Our thoughts and prayers are with Sean's family."

Redskins teammate Clinton Portis also played with Taylor at the University of Miami. He had sensed a new maturity in his close friend.

"It's hard to expect a man to grow up overnight," Portis said. "But ever since he had his child, it was like a new Sean, and everybody around here knew it. He was always smiling, always happy, always talking about his child."
Okay, two thoughts, one, Daniel, if the single death of a single player is the worst thing you can imagine then I truly feel sorry for how tiny your little brain is. Why the first part of his quote was included in the article is beyond me. Second, Clinton Portis' quote is much more heartfelt and real.

I'm sorry for Sean Taylor's death, it didn't have to happen. Nobody should die because some scumbags decided to invade his home. You should be able to feel safe in your own home.