Rolling Into a New Perspective

View Larger MapSometimes you've just gotta spin your wheels to get somewhere, even if that new place is just within your own head. Instead of watching the undefeated Colts take on the undefeated Patriots, I went out for a good, long motorcycle ride. Just under a hundred and fifty miles good and long.

I'll post the route map when Google Maps decides to cooperate again.

I got to ride up through beautiful sun and back home along the coast in thick pea-soup fog that chilled me to the bones after a couple of dozen miles.

I knew there would be a lot of bikes out today and I was definitely right. Dozens if not hundreds of bikers passed me going back down towards town. I expected La Honda to be packed full but it was only about half full and I definitely didn't expect to see Mr. Popo Charley in his cruiser just up the hill from the crossroads. I guess the locals get a little tired of people buzzing down to the stop signs at high speed.

I also got a chance to see exactly what happens when a Harley with poor clearance tries to take a hairpin turn too quickly. Hint, the gent riding knows what a guardrail tastes like now. He wasn't hurt and his bike wasn't too badly messed up but he did get it wedged under there pretty well. It was a pretty good example of why I love my V-Strom, it handles beautifully, can lean way, way over and has pretty solid get-up-and-go. It isn't a Hayabusa but I don't need or want the speed and crouched style, I love my bike and just about everything about it.

And the one thing I don't like will be getting attended to this week by shaving a little off the kickstand rest so it is more solid on its stand.

I miss riding when I don't get out and chew up some miles, there's something powerful and affirming about twisting the throttle and feeling your bike leap forward. And then powering down to carve a corner before hucking the bike back over to carve a corner the other way. Its hard to not grin like a stupid monkey! And that's exactly what I needed today.

My only regret is that I didn't stop and take some photos from some of the vista points as the views were pretty stunning! Oh and I could have avoided the 156 crossover to Half Moon Bay, it was a crawl for about a six miles and no fun whatsoever!