I Do Not Want My Dinner To Simulate Excrement, TYVM

Taipei diner attracts clients with toilet humor

That is ice cream in a miniature toilet shaped to look like poop. And you're supposed to eat it. No really. Apparently there are a whole bunch of wanna-be poop eaters in Taipei. Taipei, incidentally, has just been crossed off of my list of places I want to visit. Coincidence? No.
Modern Toilet draws on people ages 15 to 35, especially students from the three universities near Yang's facilities because they're "easily excited," Yang said. He said older people just wouldn't get it.
Wouldn't get it? Or are smart enough to know that eating poop or simulating the eating of excrement is gross, wrong and a sign of mental illness.

Now, if you wanted to go there as a joke then I could see it being pretty funny. But there's a limit to any humor I'm finding in it. I'm sure Ryan will find it he-larry-us.

By the way, here's a lovely term for an eater of excrement, coprophage. Copro for crap, phage for eat. The more you know!