Daylight Savings Always Kicks My Ass

While I get the reasoning behind Daylight Savings Time, the practical reality of it is that it totally knocks me out of whack.

It is barely 7:30 here right now and I'm almost unable to keep my eyes open. Granted, I went on a long motorcycle ride today (I'll try to finish the write up before crashing) but the early rising combined with the time change has about done me for the day.

Of course, the two wild boys in my house are amped and literally jumping around their room and screeching like its the end of the world. I expect they will sleep in tomorrow morning, which is just fine.

I hope I can get a decent night of sleep without the freaky dreams I've been having. I know the alarm will be going off before I know it and the working man's week will start right back up again. Have I mentioned that I love my hours? I've never had a job that gets out at 3:30 in the afternoon, its quite nice!