The Bonds Indictment

Barry Bonds indicted on 4 perjury counts, obstruction of justice

Okay, I've been reading and hearing about this since it broke yesterday afternoon. Here are some thoughts that I'm sure the Bonds bashers will have a field day rejecting.

- If Bonds is being indicted then where is the indictment against Rafael Palmiero who swore during a televised interview in front of a grand jury that he's never used steroids and then got booted out of the game a few months later for failing a steroids test?

- How much money has been wasted on this stupid witch hunt and to what end?

- If Bonds is found not guilty then more money is going to be wasted as he'll undoubtedly sue for lost wages since he's unsignable now.

- Ronnie Lott on KNBR this morning made an interesting comparison between Pat Tillman's death and shameful coverup and this witch hunt against Bonds. If the government could so completely botch Tillman's death then why in the hell should they be trusted to handle this properly?

- I find it rather shady that Greg Anderson, Bonds' trainer, was released the same day the indictments came down. Not that I expect he talked but that I think they want the Bonds camp to think he did in order to create divisions and try to turn him.

- Bud Selig and other complicit owners that looked the other way while steroid use was tacitly condoned needs to be held accountable as well. The singling out of Bonds and the attempt to whitewash the other players, owners, managers and coaches from any suspicion is shameful and deeply wrong.

- Victor Conte, the head of BALCO, made some good points about chain of custody and the reality of what was available over the counter in 2005.

- I've heard that he might be facing 30 years for perjury. Thirty years when Scooter Libby outed a CIA operative and destroyed decades of intelligence work and was in prison for less than 6 months is just so incredibly out of whack and wrong. Scooter Libby (and Rove and the other traitors pretending to be patriots) exposed our country and our people to terrorist attacks and death. Bonds allegedly used drugs to hit a baseball further, what's wrong with the scope of crime here?

The end result of all of this will be a huge amount of wasted money to no good purpose. Even if Bonds does jail time, does that absolve MLB from the steroid and PED problem? Does it solve any real problems in cheating in sports? Or does it just punish one player for the "crimes" of a whole sport?

I am all for holding cheaters accountable but I'm for holding ALL cheaters accountable, not just a couple of high profile people who happen to be jerks.