[Update 10/9/07 8:10 am: And the Yankees are sent packing by the Indians. This is going to be an interesting AL and NL Championship series.

And I think Joe Torre has been treated like crap by Steinbrenner, who's a colossal jackass.

I think I'll start a new thread for the Championship series as this one is getting a wee bit long in the teeth now.]

[Update 10/7/07 8:00 pm: Of course the Yankees would have to go and ruin Sweep Sunday, the grand finale to Sweep Weekend by winning game three against the Indians. Of course, the Red Sox did their business and put the whimpering Angels down.

Oh well, I guess the Yankees will just go down tomorrow. I wonder if they have to now win every game through to the World Series or Torre will get canned? What great working conditions!]

[Update 10/6/07 9:56 pm: The Rockies just finished Sweep Saturday after the Diamondbacks knocked the Cubs out of the playoffs earlier today. The Phillies and Cubs get to go home. And we've got an all NL West Championship matchup.

Keep your fingers crossed for Sweep Sunday to send the Indians and Red Sox into battle and the Yanks and Angels home.]

[Update 10/4/07 8:26 pm: I should note that my predictions above are not indicative of what I'd like to see happen so much as what I think will happen. What I'd like to see is the Yankees lose in three (down 1-0 to the Indians now) and go home crying and throw A-Rod to the Giants. But I don't think it'll happen. Anyway, the Rockies are staying on target against the Phillies (erroneously posted originally as the Padres, woops), the Yanks got crushed and the Cubs are currently down. Oh yeah, Byrnes hit a triple in the second.

I think I'm going to just update this post as the playoffs continue.]

Original post 10/4/07 12:06 am
I thought I'd saved these but they've now gone missing so oh well.

Here are my predictions for the 2007 baseball playoffs.

Red Sox over Angels in four. Yankees over Indians in three. Diamondbacks over Cubs in four. Rockies over Phillies in three.
Red Sox over Yanks in five. D'Backs over Rockies in five.
Red Sox over D'Backs in six.

But I could be wrong. If Byrnes' bat wakes up then watchout for the D'Backs to really catch fire.

Got a different outcome in mind? Break it down for me.