Heroine, Thy Name is Mona Shaw

Who hasn't fantasized about getting some violent payback for incredibly crappy service? You know, when you're on hold and they never ever pick up and deal with you so you have to call back and start all over again? Or worse, you go in to meet with someone and they make you wait for a couple of hours before you are informed that the person has left for the day?

Well, Mona Shaw got mad as hell and decided not to take it anymore. So she took a hammer to the Comcast (boooooo!) offices that had treated her so poorly.

This was among the most enjoyable articles I've read in a long time, Taking a Whack Against Comcast.

A year of probation, a $350 fine and a warning to not go back to the office? I'd take that "punishment" if I could exact some retribution on crappy customer service I've gotten.